Welcome, fellow creative being!

a2a, welcome, fellow creative being, I know why you’re here
I know why you’re here

You’re searching for your place in the art world. Your career is at a standstill but you have no idea how to move forward. You’re feeling isolated in your work but have no place to go for feedback or creative stimulus. Or maybe money issues and/or lack of professional resources are interfering with your ability to create art. Sometimes it feels like you’re lost in the wilderness, right?

Rejoice! You’ve come to the right place!

a2a, join the group
Join the group

Artists of all disciplines share a unique set of goals and obstacles, and you’re no different. In an a2a guided peer group, you’ll be part a group of up to 10 participants — artists of all disciplines — who meet monthly for three, six or nine months. You’ll work as a group with your experienced facilitator who can help you find your way around those seemingly impossible obstacles.

Start your journey with our free ‘interactive’ poster !

Our free interactive planning poster will help you to get started. Designed for use with traditional and modern tools — from colored pencils to social media — the Artist-to-Artist Journey Planner includes: a Map to help you decide where you’re going, Goals and Results panels for establishing your priorities and confirming your accomplishments, and a Timeline on which to plot your progress.

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