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Newark October 2016 panorama
Newark Panorama October 2016 via Wikimedia Commons

ARTISIN specializes in customized planning and organizational services for artists and cultural institutions.

ARTISIN helps build strong communities by working closely with cultural organizations, individual artists, and creative businesses to become advocates, leaders and drivers of positive change and economic development.

ARTISIN is led by experienced administrators, educators and creative leaders. Susan Schear and her team are skilled collaborators whose dynamic difference is in helping organizations achieve change and outcomes that value, include, and impact diverse and continually evolving communities.

  Guide to ARTISIN Services

ARTISIN Services

Artists' books on display in an exhibition

Cultural Organizations

ARTISIN has the knowledge to look at your organization holistically, examine your organization’s impact in the community and help to transform your organization’s future.

  ARTISIN for Cultural Organizations

Photo: Melissa Hilliard Potter, Invisible Makers, artists’ book, part of the Kerry James Marshall Mastry exhibition, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, 2015. Featuring Rene Aranzamendez.

three artists wearing felt masks on horseback in a mountain setting


ARTISINʼs approach to business services for artists is flexible and holistic, viewing the individual’s career as a whole.

  ARTISIN for Artists

Photo: Melissa Hilliard Potter, Masked Avengers, Border of Daghestan, left to right, Ida Bakhturidze, Melissa Potter, Miriam Schaer, handmade felted masks on horseback, 2013.

artists and curators enjoying a collective meal

Creative Entrepreneurs

With extensive experience in both the arts and business, ARTISIN helps artists to use their art as an entrepreneurial springboard.

  ARTISIN for Creative Entrepreneurs

Photo: Melissa Hilliard Potter, Food, Sex & Death, performance, handmade sunflower paper tablecloths, four course meal, Papermaker’s Garden 2015.

Creative Placemaking

We work with communities to strategically and creatively address challenges and solve problems, engaging funders and identifying the talent and resources to build and operate arts-based community facilities.

  ARTISIN for Creative Placemaking

Photo: Kristin Muller, courtesy of Peters Valley School of Craft tour "Cuba: Art, Craft, and Culture" January 2018.

Public Art

ARTISIN can help connect your organization or business with the region’s finest artists and produce experiences that will leave a lasting legacy in your community.

  ARTISIN Public Art Services

Sheila J. McKoy (on left) and a colleague.

artists and curators enjoying a collective meal

Board Retreats, Focus Groups, Speaking, Workshops

ARTISIN understands that each organization and artist is unique, and each engagement should be tailored accordingly. We offer onsite, web, and phone engagements designed to fit your timeline and budget.

  ARTISIN Board Retreats, Focus Groups, Speaking, Workshops

Photo: Sonia G.

ARTISIN Helping to Realize Your Goals

group photo of a diversity training workshop
An Inspiring, Challenging, Fulfilling Weekend at the American Conference on Diversity Common Ground Institute

Since 1995, ARTISIN president and founder Susan Schear has been helping artists and arts organizations to realize their professional and strategic goals. Susan believes that good art and good business can coexist and thrive together, with vision and purpose, through efficient planning and implementation.

ARTISIN is steeped in arts, culture and the business of the arts, working with nonprofits, for profits, and artists in all disciplines, including creative entrepreneurs and people with hybrid careers. We’re always honored and excited to work with our clients, helping them to accomplish their goals. Our commitment often takes us well beyond the original brief, finding new opportunities and innovative business solutions for organizations and individuals.

ARTISIN's services and advocacy programs are about building community and helping organizations and individual artists become leaders in community.

Our approach is customized to you and your organization’s capabilities. We want you to be recognized as a leader and creative innovator.

ARTISIN's Values

To build strong and resilient communities, ARTISIN believes that:

  • Arts are the conduit to positive community change;
  • The intersection of the arts and business is essential to lifting-up communities;
  • Diversity at all levels is a critical component in the success of any organization or collaboration;
  • All people must be treated with respect and their creative talents must be nurtured and valued within their communities.
Brick stair at The Escuela Taller de la Habana Gaspar Melchor de Jovellanos, Havana
Peters Valley School of Craft tour, "Cuba: Art, Craft, and Culture" at The Escuela Taller de la Habana Gaspar Melchor de Jovellanos teaches the trades and crafts necessary to the restoration of Havana's art and architecture.

Team Accomplishments

Susan Schear is a dedicated professional who works and advocates for artists and arts organizations to make sure that we succeed in our careers and missions, and that others in all areas of society understand the importance of arts and culture in building strong and thriving communities.

I am one of those fortunate arts administrators that have benefited from Susan’s generous advice and guidance throughout the years, and have experienced first hand her dynamism and commitment to the arts and culture field. I look forward to more years of collaboration with Susan!

Sandra A. Garcia-Betancourt, Former President & CEO at Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance (NoMAA)