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Arts Organizations

For Artists and Creatives

Taking everything into account

ARTISINʼs approach to business services for artists is flexible and holistic, viewing the individual’s career as a whole rather than addressing issues piecemeal.

A clientʼs needs are almost always multi-faceted and overlapping; a client may seek help in one area (portfolio development, for example), and then discover that they are missing opportunities another (such as breaking into new potential markets).

An ARTISIN consultant will unravel the interdependent issues and guide you through the process of setting achievable goals and working to reach them.

Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art.Andy Warhol

For Arts Organizations

A perfect synergy

Building a sustainable arts organization requires many different forms of expertise including specialized business knowledge and planning.

With extensive experience in both the arts and business worlds, ARTISIN provides the expertise and guidance to help arts organizations to think like businesspeople — and arts businesses to use their art as an entrepreneurial springboard — to develop and implement plans for success.

The sustained growth and development of an arts organization is earned through the creation of important art and the establishment of a base of support for that art.Michael Kaiser, President, John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts